As Gen Z and Gen Alpha become the main force of consumption, developers should focus on retaining these users. This shift prompts developers to adjust their user operation strategies and invest more in catering to the preferences of Gen Z and Gen Alpha in order to improve user engagement.

When it comes to the preferences of the younger generation, most people's first thought is gaming, but do the "seen-it-all" Gen Z and Gen Alpha still have a strong interest in gaming?

According to statistics, gaming remains the most popular form of entertainment among young people worldwide, and the Gen Alpha in particular enjoys playing games with significantly longer gaming hours than previous generations.

Image source: Newzoo report

On average, players worldwide spend 5 hours playing games, while Gen Z and Gen Alpha spend even more, at 6 hours 10 minutes and 6 hours 49 minutes respectively. This demonstrates gaming's strong appeal to younger generations.

Image source: Newzoo report

Furthermore, according to Newzoo's research, for gaming players of Gen Z and Gen Alpha, they pursue individuality, enjoy sharing and interaction, and prefer casual and competitive games. It is also worth noting that the younger generation is not averse to IAP, In-App Purchase, with around 50% of them willing to spend money on games for a richer gaming experience.


Taking all of the above into account, games with strong interactivity are the key for developers to retain users of  Gen Z and Gen Alpha, and the gamification sections can be designed to largely enhance young users' value.

GSpace is developing gamification sections for your non-gaming apps,where users can play mini-games and get diverse rewards, making it an ideal solution for you to retain young users, increase user engagement and improve core app KPIs. 

Three Major Advantages of GSpace Gamification

Game-like Environment

GSpace can create a game-like environment for apps, including a massive selection of games, task systems, Daily Rewards, and competitive rankings to increase user engagement.

Massive Mini-games

GSpace creates a game-like environment incorporating over 300 mini-games including parkour, hyper-casuals, sports games, racing games etc. Furthermore, GSpace's gamification sections are constantly customized based on different users’ demands and festivals, providing the users with a value proposition and a fun experience.


GSpace's leaderboard module really motivates the users to do their best to be on the top of the leaderboard to increase their interaction and sense of identification and honor.

Moreover, casual game tournaments typically feature leaderboards, the more a user participates and the longer they play, the better their performance and the higher their rank will be.

Both types of leaderboards can boost players to compete, increasing the user engagement.

To make your app more attractive to younger generations, you need to implement a comprehensive strategy that includes product development, promotion, and marketing that can help you stand our from the crowd.

With multiple advantages, GSpace can help apps to push beyond your limits,turn your non-gaming app into a gaming powerhouse,help increase the app’s traffic and get an edge from competition. Don't hesitate to contact us !