OKSpin Dashboard

Through OKSpin Dashboard, you can clearly track data fluctuations in real time. By comparing the app data and GSpace’s, you can also quickly understand the data performance of GSpace in the app.


See your most important data at a glance.

1. DAU (Daily Active Users)

2. MAU (Monthly Active Users)

3. User Retention Rate

4. New User

5. Revenue (eCPM, Impressions, etc.)

6. Penetration Rate

7. App Play Time

8. GSpace Index Data

You can view the overall app and GSpace Index Data performance through the dashboard, or view separately.


When you select the date range, the Dashboard not only displays the core data of your app and GSpace, but also calculates and displays the data comparison results of the selected time range, so that you can know the changes of your app and GSpace during the same time period.

Go to Your Dashboard


1. You can click [Chart] or [Table] to switch the data display form.

2. Through the [symbol] after the title of the data, you can view the detailed explanation of the data, and clarify the data statistics and calculation methods.

3. Click [Download CSV] to export and analyze the displayed data. You can freely export the required dimensions and data indicators to meet different needs.

4. Click [Add App] in the upper right corner of the Dashboard, and you can quickly add an app in just two steps.

5. You can directly copy the displayed relevant [App key] by hovering over the [key] icon.

Go to GSpace Page


Under the dashboard, the app will be divided to display more detailed data information, where you can view the data of each app, and click the app to view more detailed information on the [GSpace Page].

Another way to get to the [GSpace Page]: click [GSpace] in the top navigation bar above the Dashboard.

In the [GSpace Page], you can view more detailed app data, such as App DAU, Penetration Rate, Retention, App New Users, Play Time, Revenue etc., and you can add, edit or modify the placement of the app.

In addition, you can view all the docking documents of the architecture on the [Documents] page, and find the corresponding documents according to your needs to get technical guidance.

Go to Prize Management

Click [Prize] in the top navigation bar above the Dashboard for Prize Management.