In the era of fragmentation, competition for traffic is becoming increasingly fierce. Users are scattered in various application scenarios, and with the current brand marketing orientation of quality and effectiveness, advertising must break away from traditional thinking to be chosen by more people.

Recently, gamifying advertising has become a hot topic because of its flexibility, ease of implantation, self-contained scenarios, and precise placement, which not only allows developers to break through the ceiling of traffic realization but also opens up new investment areas for advertisers.

OKSpin relies on both creativity and technology to drive its existence. With increased market requirements and the development of big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, the technological transformation of gamifying advertising is unstoppable.

The inability to gain fine insight into user needs, the difficulty in balancing revenue and user experience, the poor ability to visualize and centralize data, the single realization scenario and the difficulty in tapping the potential value of traffic are all stumbling blocks for developers’ monetization today.

For these pain points, OKSpin uses DMP, BI and other system tools to maximize the flow realization revenue without hurting the user experience. So the media click rate and conversion rate can be increased by more than 50%, the user retention rate can be increased by more than 30%, and the eCPM can be doubled.

Large Library of Templates To Choose

OKSpin integrates all portal Icon and interactive template materials to create a library of 1500+ portal Icon, 500+ templates and 30+ gameplay categories. Besides, 10+ new materials are added every week by OKSpin team. The exclusive material optimisation methods have yielded very good results in tools, games and P2E apps.

Global DataBase

Highly localizition is an important stage of OKSpin's refined solutions. OKSpin has set up a global information network to gather information on local culture, folk customs and preference data from all parts of the business area, giving more than 2 solution templates in advance and making good adjustments.

Real-time Tracking System 

OKSpin has established the real-time data tracking platform that not only provides data support for the team to optimise their solutions, but also opens up real-time data to the publishers. Developers can keep track of user performance and advertising revenue within the platform.

Self-placement System Material Audit Mechanism

In terms of safety and compliance, OKSpin has established a mechanism for auditing material within the self-placement system, with the entire team auditing interactive material, rewards and benefits more than six times a day, and big data crawling of sensitive words to ensure legal compliance of advertisements.

OKSpin will continue to use technology to drive the overall solution, exert our strengths to implement fine optimization, use the resources to guarantee and improve the target results, helping developers achieve quality and effectiveness in advertising.