As the world's leading interactive mobile advertising platform, OKSpin has more advantages.


1. One-stop advertising platform provides diversified solutions


OKSpin's team is committed to achieving the balance between user experience and maximizing advertising revenue for developers. On the premise of not affecting the original app, it uses new advertising forms to release the monetization potential. After fully studying and understanding the developer's app, it provides flexible and diverse advertising space entrances and rich product materials to customize a personalized one-stop solution for developers around the world.


2. Trustworthily cutting-edge technology


Our technical team is an international team composed of technical talents from many countries. At present, it serves more than 1000 mobile developers. We always believe in the developer's technology and can guarantee the developer's revenue.


3. International team, refined operation


We have local operation teams in Brazil, India, Russia, Indonesia and other places. We know the local culture and customs, which can provide localization methods in multiple languages and styles according to local festivals, important activities, major events, etc. We believe that can effectively improve the active participation rate and conversion rate of users, drive the continuous growth of developers' income, and provide developers with one-to-one services at different stages.

4. Creative power and infinite vitality


Our team practices the creative strategy and continuously invests in broadening and developing the boundaries of the expression forms of interactive advertising. We often ask ourselves to think from the perspective of users - what kind of advertising content and interactive forms are liked by users; grow together with users, explore and create infinite possibilities together. Moreover, our original interactive plug-in advertising, on the premise of greatly increasing the income of developers, also improves the residence time of users on the app.


5. Multiple access modes and quick settlement service


We provide developers with a variety of docking methods and quick settlement services. Developers can also know the performance of users in the app and advertising revenue at any time through the OKSpin platform.


6. Exclusive delivery model to maximize efficiency gains


Our team has established an exclusive advertising model through the delivery of diversified cases and the accumulation of experience to provide developers with the most efficient and revenue maximizing solution.


7. Compliance and risk control, achieving industry benchmark


As a close partner of developers, we have adhered to a completely transparent communication and cooperation method, fully guaranteed the compliance of advertising products, and won the continuous trust of developers.


We carry out global resource cooperation. You are welcome to become a partner with OKSpin!


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