For developers, eCPM is an important indicator of advertising monetization, which is directly related to the amount of monetized revenue. However, in the post-epidemic era, with the gradual receding of traffic dividends, the realization of traditional advertising models has become increasingly weak, and the demand from app users has become higher and higher. The eCPM of many developers has declined or even decreased by more than 30%. The sluggish eCPM has become a major problem for developers.


How can developers improve eCPM? The interactive advertising platform OKSpin has given the answer to the satisfaction of developers.


Interactive advertising brings hope for developers to monetize, but it is not enough to optimize the key factors that affect eCPM, such as clicks, engagement, and conversions. For this, OKSpin uses resource advantages + technical advantages + operational advantages to create customized solutions for developers to improve developers' eCPM and revenue.


The eCPM of OKSpin partners has increased significantly


The business scope of OKSpin covers the whole world. Among them, India, Brazil, Indonesia, etc. are our core business areas. We have partners who trust us. By using OKSpin's customized solutions, their eCPM has skyrocketed.


Business in India


India is the second-most populous country in the world, and there is still a lot of room for growth in Internet usage and smartphone penetration, with natural traffic advantages. However, the Indian market is very complex, with numerous ethnic groups, complex languages, and diverse customs, all of which bring localization challenges to developers’ ad monetization. Therefore, the average eCPM of developers in India is not high, generally between $3 and $5. Based on the operation team's in-depth understanding of India, OKSpin has created a variety of customized solutions for local Indian partners that meet local preferences. After cooperating with OKSpin, the problems of weak localization, user disgust, low participation, and low conversion have been solved, eCPM has achieved rapid growth, currently, it can reach between $6 and $9, and eCPM has increased by up to 200%.



Business in Brazil


Similarly, the biggest obstacle for Brazilian developers is the difficulty of localization. Even in the strongest economies in Latin America, the market average eCPM is only 4-6 US dollars.

However, according to OKSpin research, Brazil is an interactive advertising market with great potential, and our Brazilian partners have also confirmed this.

After cooperating with OKSpin, the ad click rate, engagement rate and interaction time of Brazilian co-developers have increased significantly, the number of repeated user interactions and the ratio of user retention within 30 days have increased, and the eCPM has also increased to 7-10 US dollars, a maximum increase of 150%.



Business in Indonesia




In addition, in the Indonesian market where the average eCPM is 3-4 US dollars, the access of OKSpin increases the additional advertising revenue for the developer app without occupying the original advertising space, and attracts users to actively click and participate more than the original advertising, making cooperation The eCPM of partners increases to between $5 and $8, and the eCPM increases by up to 166%.


The key to eCPM improvement for developers


In fact, the key to eCPM improvement lies in two points. That is, localized and refined operations meet user preferences. And this requires the advertising platform to have an international vision and layout, and to have strong team resources and advantages. The reason why OKSpin can implement the refined local operation plan and make the developer eCPM stand out is thanks to our international team.


The operation teams stationed in various countries not only understand the well-known local people's preferences, but also dig deep into hidden preferences, and skillfully integrate local elements such as festivals, events, colors, graphics, etc., from the entrance Icon to the brand advertising landing page. The operating experience of the game allows users to actively participate in the interactive game, reducing the dislike of advertisements and obtaining real rewards, motivating users to repeat interactions and improving conversions.


In addition, despite the reduction in the number of advertisers and budgets caused by the global epidemic, OKSpin can still guarantee a wealth of direct customer resources for advertisers, ensure the fill rate of developers' advertisements, and ultimately ensure the improvement of developers' eCPM.


In the core business area, partners are very satisfied with the eCPM and revenue we have created, and have reached a long-term partnership with us.


Some developers also said: Every time the solution optimization of OKSpin will bring me new surprises, the continuously improving eCPM and OKSpin's sincere and friendly attitude make me want to continue to cooperate! If you are a developer who is worried about the realization of in-app advertising, please contact us and let OKSpin boost your app income.