Since the launch of OKSpin's Philippines business in 2022, OKSpin has built in-app interactive gameplay for more than 100 developers, and with the latest GSpace products, the value of partners' apps has been further enhanced. Recently, OKSpin has helped Digiwards, a popular earning application in the Philippines, India, Indonesia, and Brazil, achieve a 32% increase in ARPU and an 18% increase in retention through GSpace’s advanced gamification solution.

How did GSpace create a gamification solution for Digiwards?

Based on the analysis of our professional team's research, earning apps generally suffer from problems such as few and complex tasks, boring and uninteresting ways to play, lack of appealing rewards, and high barriers to winning prizes. Philippine online earning apps are not an exception. These problems result in decreased user interest, short retention time, low user retention, and low ARPU values.

To address the problems at Digiwards, OKSpin developed a GSpace gamification solution which includes the following features to improve user interaction, stimulate user interest, promote users to stay and share and achieve App operation objectives: 

  1. Creating an immersive gaming environment

  2. Offering a variety of rewards

  3. Integrating platform entry, module display, and point rewards with Digiwards's content

  4. Providing top-notch localization services

  5. Improving the efficiency of the operational system.

To Enter the GSpace

Combining the UI characteristics and artistic style of the original App page, design the entrance of the App with "icon + text" to prompt users to click.

Upon clicking the entrance to GSpace platform from OKSpin, the "Treasure Box" in-app game will initially pop up to enhance user engagement. By clicking on "Open", users can complete the game.

We have designed this pop-up mini game with the dual purpose of attracting and retaining users, as well as providing an immediate first-time reward to incentivize continued participation and accumulation of GSP points and rewards.

GSpace Homepage & Modules

The GSpace homepage has been designed and constructed based on the characteristics of the app, the needs of developers, and user requirements. The modules are clearly structured and can be separated, selected, and customized according to individual preference.

Part 1

At the top of the homepage, the GSP points are displayed. By clicking on the "My prize" on the right side, users can enter the reward module.

OKSpin has integrated the GSP point system with the App game currency system, allowing users to exchange GSP for "Red Fruit". The fine-tuned design of the point system in GSpace enhances the cohesion between the platform and App, minimizing the impact of any sense of incoherence on users. Additionally, the dual point system lowers the threshold for users to obtain rewards, increases the amount of points obtained, and consequently boosts user engagement rate.

Part 2

Below the GSP score, there are five modules. From left to right, these consist of four components: score tasks, interactive games (the second and third ones), user check-in, and popular games.

Daily Task

  • Different tasks correspond to different rewards, forming a tiered reward threshold. Users are free to choose the difficulty of the tasks, thereby achieving a higher overall completion rate. 

  • GSpace supports customized tasks that are integrated with the app, increasing the platform's compatibility with the app and promoting the achievement of the app's operational goals.

Lucky Games

  • GSpace provides a lot of fresh gameplay to stimulate user interest and extend user stay time.

  • 120+ massive Lucky games allow users to choose more, so that the app has more opportunities to retain users.

  • In addition to clicking on the module icon to enter the interactive way, the "Treasure Box" mini game is also docked at the bottom right of the homepage in the form of ICON, and users can click at any time to open the interactive game.

Daily Reward

  • Users will receive a GSP reward every day when they check in, and the more days they consecutively check in, the more GSP they will receive. 

  • There will be extra rewards for checking in for a full week. This setting is designed to motivate users to continue to check in and complete weekly check-in tasks consistently.

Popular Mini-Games

  • In terms of game selection, we will tailor our offerings to the user preferences of the app's location. 

  • For instance, since Digiwards' market primarily resides in the Philippines, we will provide more placement sports, casual, and parkour-type games that are popular among Filipino players.

More GSpace Gamification Solutions

Through the integration of GSpace, the earning app has formed a closed loop of value enhancement. Furthermore, due to differences in various countries and regions, as well as the uniqueness of the app, the content of GSpace Gamification solutions also varies. Besides the Philippines, we also offer gamified SaaS solutions for app development in emerging markets such as India, Indonesia, and Brazil. If you are seeking to leverage a SaaS platform to enhance your app's value, do not hesitate to contact us.