The global mobile App marketing becomes more complex and changeable especially after Apple implemented App Tracking Transparency (ATT) and Google started global tests of Privacy Sandbox ad targeting, negatively affecting millions of developers. To make matters worse, the UA cost is getting higher, user needs are becoming more complex, and user expectations are rising, which has led to increasingly fierce competition among developers.


How to get an edge of such a fierce competition?


For developers, the ideal answer are to achieve KPIs such as user retention, user engagement, DAU, ARPU and ROI at low cost. However, at present, most developers can only choose between cost reduction and efficiency increase, such as extending the payment cycle, reducing operational indicators, accessing a large number of advertisements, etc., but the above is not conducive to the long-term development of the App.

GSpace: OKSpin's Gamification Solutions


OKSpin, founded in early 2020, as one of the most professional SaaS sloution provider in the world, is all about helping global developers get closer to their users through advanced gamification techniques. In 2022, OKSpin officially launched Gamify Space, shortly named GSpace, which experts on gamification strategies, adding game components in the mobile app to make the app’s user experience a fun-filled one.


With OKSpin's 2+ years of experience, GSpace can build a variety of gamification techniques for non-gaming apps, including Mini Games, Tournaments, Tasks, Refer a Friend, Rewards, Leaderboard, etc., and turn your app into a gaming powerhouse to improve user engagement and retention.

By the way, the GSpace SDK package is lightweight and simple to integrate, saving you a lot of time, money, access costs, and improving operational efficiency.


Creating A Game-like and Reward-back Environment in Your App


GSpace can add the following games sections in your App, which can up your App performance by ten folds and improve user retention and engagement, helping you get an edge of competition.


1. Leaderboard: Help users perform better and get more points.

2. Reward Games: Drive up engagement and offer the best interactive online game entertainment.

3. Refer a Friend: Help increase the app's traffic.

4. Tournaments: Provide users with a variety of casual game tournaments, up user performance by ten folds.

5. Daily Rewards: Encourage users to log in daily to get rewarded and increase user engagement.

6. Offerwall: Fun offerwalls attract users to earn rewards for completing tasks.

7. Ad Display: Improve advertising and marketing effectiveness by displaying ads that do not disturb users.

Furthermore, gamification is essentially to gain more loyal users. Through Gspace's powerful reward system, loyal users can also obtain various rewards like in-game items and gift cards.


1. In-game Items: GSpace offers a wide variety of in-game items that users can redeem for more rewards.

2. Gift Cards: Support 100+ types of gift cards to reward users.


To Customize Your Gamification

OKSpin respects the needs of developers and customizes gamification solutions based on the app itself. So GSpace provides a full set of customized solutions to different types of products, different regions, and different festivals like Diwali, IPL, Christmas, Ramadan and so on.

By creating scenes, UI designs, gameplay, reward systems, and sharing loops that are integrated with the app, OKSpin improves user engagement and shortens the distance between users and apps.

At present, OKSpin has worked with more than 1000+ partners in the United States, Southeast Asia, Brazil and Russia, providing them with 120+ customizable games. Our partners increase +10% user engagement and +15% user lifetime value. Since our launch of GSpace, the number of developers using GSpace has grown rapidly. Choosing GSpace today means not only preparing for future product plans, but also to ensure that future products receive higher value.

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