In the era of fragmentation, traffic competition is increasingly fierce, users are scattered in a variety of application scenarios, and with the current brand marketing orientation of "quality and effectiveness", advertising has to break away from traditional thinking in order to be chosen by more people.


In recent years, interactive advertising has become one of the hottest forms of advertising because of its flexibility, ease of implantation, self-contained scenarios and precise placement, which not only allows developers to break through the ceiling of traffic monetization, but also opens up a new investment area for advertisers.


Interactive advertising is driven by both creativity and technology, and with the increase of market requirements and the development of big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, the technological transformation of interactive advertising is unstoppable.


OKSpin, as an interactive advertising platform with powerful optimization technology and data capability, based on oCPA intelligent algorithm, oCPC intelligent placement and self-built DMP, BI and other system tools, comprehensively meets the needs of advertisers and developers for "quality and effectiveness" from targeting analysis and accurate placement to efficient conversion, and is well received by the market.




For advertisers, acquiring high-quality and deeply converted users on the basis of controlling low cost is the key. In order to achieve this goal, OKSpin deepens oCPA intelligent optimization algorithm and oCPC intelligent placement, supplemented by risk control system, helping advertisers reduce costs and at the same time get more target conversions.



oCPA Intelligent Optimization Algorithm 


In traditional advertising, advertisers rely heavily on the manual measurement of the advertising platform for both bidding and placement, but the conversion cost and placement effect are uncontrollable. It often happens that the budget is exceeded but the expected effect is not achieved.

To address this problem, OKSpin deepens the oCPA intelligent optimization algorithm to help advertisers find the "right person", with stable and controllable cost and predictable effect, and achieve efficient value conversion. The oCPA intelligent algorithm provides advertisers with automatic optimization based on placement target and bid, and continuously improves advertisers' placement efficiency and input-output ratio.



In terms of bidding

After advertisers select specific optimization targets (such as activation, registration, add-ons, order placement, etc.) and the price they are willing to pay for this placement target, the data is returned in a timely and accurate manner, and OKSpin estimates the conversion value of each user action to the advertiser in real-time scenarios with the help of oCPA conversion estimation model and automatically bids.



In terms of placement

OKSpin oCPA intelligent algorithm system will give placement suggestions based on the current actual placement effect and future expectation. oCPA can find the optimal media and material template to precisely reach the target audience and get the ideal conversion effect as long as the operation gives a broad audience orientation. In addition, the intelligent algorithm will further optimize automatically according to the advertiser's ad conversion data.



oCPC Intelligent Placement


OKSpin supports oCPC intelligent placement. Based on the deep understanding and analysis of advertisers' conversion data, intelligent real-time estimation of the conversion rate of each click, and intelligent bidding based on the competitive environment, OKSpin helps advertisers control costs, and improve conversion and placement efficiency.



Traffic Identification Wind Control System


Fake traffic exposure is a problem that many advertisers worry about. OKSpin's wind control system identifies traffic from the whole chain of docking media, automatically intercepts and filters problematic traffic, and establishes a traffic blacklist to ensure the high quality and authenticity of traffic obtained by advertisers.


At present, OKSpin's traffic identification and risk control system can identify fake traffic exposure tens of millions of times daily, which saves a lot of investment costs for wireless advertisers.


Meanwhile, OKSpin also supports Look-alik targeting and RTA interface to meet advertisers' real-time personalized targeting needs. In addition to technology, OKSpin also has 1000+ cooperative media, with an average MAU of 200 million+, which greatly ensures advertisers' choice of space and promotes advertisers' conversion goals.




Nowadays, the traffic dividend is gradually receding, and users' attention is scattered, highly personalized and differentiated, making it more difficult for developers to monetize their ads. The inability to refine the insight of user needs, the difficulty of balancing revenue and user experience, the poor ability of data visualization and centralization, the single monetization scenario, the difficulty of tapping the potential value of traffic, etc, are all stumbling blocks on the way of developers' monetization.


For these pain points, OKSpin starts from many aspects, using DMP, BI and other system tools to establish multiple resource banks and databases, improve the volume and quality of interactive materials, improve the service system, maximize the flow cashing revenue without hurting user experience, increase the media click rate and conversion rate by more than 50%, increase the user retention rate by more than 30%, and double the eCPM.



Massive Template Material Library


The efficiency of ad output is directly related to effective exposure and conversion. As the consumption of ads is getting higher and higher, ad production capacity has become one of the major competitive advantages of OKSpin.

OKSpin integrates all entrance Icon and interactive template materials and establishes a material library that includes 1500+ entrance Icon, 500+ interactive templates and 30+ play categories.

In the specific operation, oCPA intelligent optimization algorithm coordinates developers and advertisers' needs for automatic material alignment, and then ad optimizers, strategy experts and designers fine-tune the content and placement of materials to make the materials conform to user attributes and meet the needs of the crowd, improve the efficiency of output placement and ensure the most optimal results.

In addition, OKSpin team optimize and update the existing materials every week, and expand 10+ new materials for the material library. At present, OKSpin has formed an exclusive material optimization method, and interactive material solutions such as "Money Tree", "Jigsaw Puzzle" and "Big Stomach King" have achieved very good results in tools, games, online income and other categories.



Global Data Information Database


Highly localized is an important part of OKSpin's refinement solution, for which OKSpin establishes a global information network to gather information on local culture, folk customs and preference data from all over the business area and gives more than 2 solution templates in advance and makes good adjustments.




Real-time Data Tracking System 


OKSpin establishes a real-time data tracking platform, which not only provides data support to the team for solution optimization, but also opens real-time data to the media so that developers can keep track of the user performance and advertising revenue in the APP through OKSpin's data monitoring platform.



Self-placement System Material Review Mechanism


In terms of safety and compliance, OKSpin has established its own material auditing mechanism in the placement system. The whole team audits interactive material and reward benefits more than 6 times a day and catches sensitive words with big data to ensure legal compliance of advertisements.



With OKSpin's continuous deepening of technology, more accurate technical measurement will free up manual measurement, and the focus of operation staff will shift to material quality and overall strategy. In the future, OKSpin will continue to drive the overall solution with technology, implement fine optimization operation with team advantages, and guarantee and improve target results with resource advantages, so that advertisers and developers can achieve "quality and effectiveness" in advertising and.